Monday, August 30, 2010

Cheryl made a...Video?


Well, I really should blog more often. Sorry 'bout that.I have something fun to talk about right now, though. See? I'm not a lazy blogger, I just choose to NOT waste your time by blogging when I have nothing constructive to say. Isn't that considerate of me?

This past weekend I made my debut as a director! I wrote and directed a video! I won't talk too much about the content because the video will be online soon and you should watch it for yourself. But I will say that it was FUN to make. And my awesome Second City friend Andreas came from Toronto to kick ass, as well as Rayne, who appeared in The Closer with me a few months back. Even Tom appeared in the video, and he was tortured most of all. His costume involved a LOT of make up. I think what I did to him might qualify as spousal abuse, but he was a great sport.

Thanks to everyone involved! I'll post a link here as soon as I have one.

Love to all!