Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baguley 4 Mayor...of Farmville!

Municipal elections are coming up! Who is excited?

OK, so it's not a terribly exciting topic. But I want to talk about how my vote was swayed by a good deed.

I decided early on NOT to vote for Barb Baguley for Mayor. She's run and lost before, and last time there was a vicious rumour that she was on board with the idea that Innisfil should become a part of Barrie. But the thing that cemented my plans to NOT vote for her was simply her signage:

"Baguley 4 Mayor" with a lovely, giant, airbrushed of her looking like a corpse. I've seen much nicer air brushing jobs on "Six Feet Under" reruns. And I'm sorry, but when a person is running for political office, any printed literature sent out should act as a resume. Would you ever intentionally misprint a word on your resume? I'm not sure whether she saved two cents per sign by cutting two characters on each one, or if she thought replacing the word "for" with the number would come across as trendy. This is not twitter, Barb Baguley. You're not sending a text message. If you were running for Mayor of Farmville, you might have some kind of reasonable campaign here.

So, by default I decided to vote for Gord Wauchope (even though his wife is a total cow. She was the worst teacher I ever had, back is grades two and three.)

I have a friend who has diabetes. Last week he was about half an hour away from home without his medication. With no warning, he found himself with a big medical emergency. His blood sugar dropped to a dangerous level, and he needed his meds right away. He asked a police officer for help and she refused him. He began to panic.

Gord Wauchope happened to drive by at just the right time. He pulled over and picked up my friend, and then took him home to his medicine. The next day I requested a Gord Wauchope for Mayor lawn sign.

My vote is concrete now. Yay for good deeds!

Monday, September 20, 2010

There's a guy in Stroud who really pisses me off.

He's a mechanic, which automatically makes him crooked. My Dad is probably the only honest mechanic in the world, but because I don't want to bother him every time any little thing goes wrong with my vehicle, I use this guy in stroud sometimes. Let's call him Mr Swindler.

Mr Swindler attends church with my mother in law, and he's got the Sandy Cove market cornered. All the old folks think he gives them a GREAT deal on car repairs.

This morning I took my Caravan in to Mr Swindler's garage to have a tail light and a head light fixed. He had known I was coming. I called him Friday and he said he'd be totally free to work on the car Monday. As soon as I got there he explained the complex procedure such a job entails. Of course fixing a seized lock is the single most difficult thing that could ever be done by anyone. EVER! Seriously, brain surgeons think they have it rough! Brain surgery is a WALK IN THE PARK compared to the delicate business of freeing a seized van hatch! Then he told me that the seized lock was entirely my fault and that it would take all day to fix. Fixing it would require cutting a panel away with a saw and replacing it, of course. So I went across the street to Tim Hortons and grabbed a coffee.

I've never been to Saskatchewan, but I imagine that it looks a LOT like Stroud. Stroud is the land that time forgot. All corn fields and highway. Aside from the Tim Hortons and the KFC, there's not much of anything around. There hasn't even been a single house built for the past 30 years. It's really...odd. Not a place you want to be stranded with no escape. So I got on the GO bus and went to Barrie. (I haven't been on a bus since I was about seventeen. It was an odd little adventure).

Anyway, I spent the day in Barrie and arrived back in Stroud to check on my car at 2:30.

Long story short: Mr Swindler told me that he was waiting for a part that was accidentally delivered to Midland, and it would be another hour before my car would be ready. I told him to put the car back together and I'd be on my way. In the five and a half hours between the time I dropped it off and the time I picked it up, he'd managed to change a lightbulb in the headlight.

I won't be going to him again. Today I came to the concrete conclusion that he's incompetent, and probably scamming the old people of Sandy Cove. I've never payed him less than I'd expect to pay at a proper business, and his service is terrible. He's a drama queen who thinks he's the freaking Lone Ranger, bailing people out of terrible trouble with his amazing light bulb changing skillz.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Cheryl made a...Video?


Well, I really should blog more often. Sorry 'bout that.I have something fun to talk about right now, though. See? I'm not a lazy blogger, I just choose to NOT waste your time by blogging when I have nothing constructive to say. Isn't that considerate of me?

This past weekend I made my debut as a director! I wrote and directed a video! I won't talk too much about the content because the video will be online soon and you should watch it for yourself. But I will say that it was FUN to make. And my awesome Second City friend Andreas came from Toronto to kick ass, as well as Rayne, who appeared in The Closer with me a few months back. Even Tom appeared in the video, and he was tortured most of all. His costume involved a LOT of make up. I think what I did to him might qualify as spousal abuse, but he was a great sport.

Thanks to everyone involved! I'll post a link here as soon as I have one.

Love to all!

Friday, August 13, 2010

This Was Amazing

Check out some pics from this thing we went to.

Nuff Said.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheryl's Peddling Another Good Cause

People! There's a new contest going on, and it's really cool!

Check it out! http://confederationofwizards.org/

They're raising money to send two people to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Two deserving people who wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise.

This is a promotional site of theirs. The thing that initially won me over: http://confederationofwizards.org/VoldyBox/

Entrants will make a youtube video describing why they are the most deserving. When the money is raised, the decision will be made by vote.

I have the highest belief that this will prove to be another example of EPIC things happening when a bunch of regular people who happen to be fans of the arts come together for a great cause.

Please pass it on.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is...weird.

The weirdest thing is happening. I don't understand it at all.

Could it be that my husband is becoming a successful blogger?

I know, millions of people across the world spend hours in front of the computer screen, pouring their hearts out or documenting the results of an odd new hobby. But rarely are the blog writings of unknown people ever read by a large volume of strangers.

Here's the thing: Tom's been writing song lyrics for years and years. He doesn't write music, but in the past he's teamed up with musicians to create and record songs together. It's just been a hobby for him.

A few months ago he set up a blog as a place to keep a collection of the pieces of his work he likes best. Whenever he writes something he especially likes he posts it on his blog, and then he posts the link as his facebook status. As is the case with the blogs of nearly every unknown person in the world, he rarely got views. Months went by and his counter remained low. He had around 30 total hits. Until just a couple of weeks ago.

Suddenly, BAM! His hits are going up and up and up, and now he's got 137, just over a short period of time. His facebook friends jumped from, like, 60 or so to 517! Which, I'll point out, is a lot more facebook friends than I have, and I spend a lot of time using facebook.

What happened? Well, I do have an explanation. His blog was read buy some guy named Bernie Taupin who, for years, was Elton John's lyricist (Apparently he's written for current people as well, like Gaga.) It snowballed from there.

Every time he logs into facebook he gets PM's from some crazy woman who thinks he's a celebrity. It's very...odd.

Anyway, check out the blog that's making Tom a facebook sensation. (And leave him a comment. He likes to have his ego stroked. ;-)



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm excited. And exhausted.

For the past month the HPA has been competing in the Chase Community Giving contest, AKA HPAFTW. The entire staff, plus a temp staff of, like, a bagilion people, worked every day to get votes from friends and family. This past week a team of us worked insanely long hours to get the attention of fansites, celebrities with twitter accounts, Youtubers, anyone and everyone we could think of.

The contest ended this morning at midnight. I practically flew my vehicle back from Uxbridge in order to be here for the end. WE WON!

This wasn't luck. We won this contest, against 500 other Non Profits, because of great planning, management, and the support of LOTS of amazing people.

If you voted for us, thank you. And, although I'm sure they won't read this, thanks to everyone who posted on their websites.

And to the team of awesome, fun, full of DOUBLE RAINBOWS people I've worked closely with this past week.

Now I'm on to my next project. I'm going to be doing the play "Noises Off" in Uxbridge this fall. I'm playing Brooke, and yes, I will be going blonde and appearing onstage very scantily dressed. If you know the play, I'm sure you can imagine that it'll be challenging. Looking forward to doing elaborate stunts dressed in next to nothing.